1-click checkout in email

Regular email sends people to a browser, causing drop-offs and low conversion. Swifter enables interactive shopping and 1-click checkout inside email so you get higher conversions.

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Purpose built for email marketers

Email marketing gives you the highest RoI for each dollar.  With Swifter, you can increase that RoI by 2x.

Shoppable Email

Turn emails into a shop

Our drag-drop editor helps you build interactive email  that is perfect for cross-sell, upsell and catalogue discovery. Your customer can add to cart, and checkout, from inside email.

Our interactive emails (like the one shown here) work perfectly on Gmail, as well as Apple mail clients. We automatically provide regular HTML fallback for less capable email clients.

Swift checkout

Checkout inside email

 If you've ever purchased something with 1-click checkout on an e-commerce site, you know how fast and powerful this experience can be.

Swifter helps you bring that same experience inside an email through its new technology - Swift Checkout.

Reduce drop-offs and get increased conversions. See Swift Checkout in action, in the abandoned cart example email shown here.


Get robust email analytics

Move beyond sent-open-click data. With Swifter you can build and understand clicks in email, user journeys, time-spent, and funnels.

Understand which products are fast-moving and high-converting, and make pricing and messaging decisions based on rich data.

"If you are not seeing the email channel as a money making machine, you have the wrong strategy."

Engage customers when they show high intent

A customer who has signed up to receive email marketing from you has already indicated their interest in your business.

Why let users leave your email to go elsewhere? Engage such customers better when they are in your email and increase conversions.

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Upgrade to Swifter

Move your email marketing game to the next level and measure your results in dollars. Unlock the full power of your email list by providing a frictionless experience for shopping and payments.

Workflows stay the same

Swifter works seamlessly with Shopify and Klavyio so you don't have to move away from tried and tested workflows.

Your emails work harder

Shoppable emails are workhorses that can get customers to do what you want, right inside email, leading to better engagement.

Generate more revenue

Swift Checkout enables customers to add to cart, and complete payment in one click, generating higher revenue for you.