How it works

We built Swifter to work with the services and software used and loved by e-commerce businesses. Integrating Swifter is simple, and doesn't require you to move away from any of the tools you already use.

Build, and send.

Use Swifter to build shoppable email and directly integrate products from your store catalogue.

Add Swift Checkout, and export it to your ESP/Automation. We support exporting to Sendgrid, SES and Klavyio.

See orders in your dash

As customers place orders inside the email, these orders will appear (with all relevant information), in your store's dashboard.

Payments come directly to your account. We integrate with Shopify, Big Commerce and Woo Commerce.

Understand email, better

Get rich data in your Swifter dashboard such as: i) time-spent in email, ii) revenue per email, and more.  

Use these data points to understand fast-moving products, perform nuanced segmentation, and re-target and winback customers with precision.

Frequently asked questions

How does shoppable email work?

Does shoppable email work on all email clients?

Who processes the payments?

How does Swift Checkout work?

What e-commerce stores do you support?

Which marketing automations do you support?

Can I use Swifter for non-payment uses, like collecting reviews, form information, or quizzes?

I'm a marketplace, can I use Swifter?

Can I try Swifter?

I have another question - can I talk to a human?

Upgrade to Swifter

Move your email marketing game to the next level and measure your results in dollars. Unlock the full power of your email list by providing a frictionless experience for shopping and payments.

Workflows stay the same

Swifter works seamlessly with Shopify and Klavyio so you don't have to move away from tried and tested workflows.

Your emails work harder

Shoppable emails are workhorses that can get customers to do what you want, right inside email, leading to better engagement.

Generate more revenue

Swift Checkout enables customers to add to cart, and complete payment in one click, generating higher revenue for you.